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About Us

Festival Tower

Invicta Durasteel UAE is the Middle East specialist fire protection division of The Invicta Group, a leading international industrial construction and storage solutions solutions company established in 1983.

Setup of our Middle East division was completed in 2008. Our office is based at Dubai Festival City Tower, Dubai, with a primary aim of providing premier fire protection systems to businesses and operational centres throughout the Middle East. Please see the contact details page for more information.

Durasteel, our 4 hour fire protection device, is a unique, high performance product installed under license as fire barriers and fire walls for the premier protection of stored items, working areas, employees and the general public. Durasteel is designed and engineered to protect to the highest standards, providing 4 hours of life-saving protection from the most intensive of fires.

The Invicta GroupThe Invicta Group

Established in 1983, The Invicta Group is now comprised of 8 specialist divisions across 3 continents - Europe, North America and the Middle East. Our head office Europe division is based in Kent, United Kingdom, and is the operational centre for the group's 6 European divisions - Mezzanine Floors, Mobile Shelving, Racking Systems, Durasteel Fire Protection, Interiors and Ceilings & Partitioning. Our North America division, Invicta Fire Protection LLC, is based in Miami, Florida, USA, and specialises in providing Durasteel fire protection systems across the United States and Canada.

Visit our group website at www.theinvictagroup.co.uk for more information.

Our Team

Anand Raghavan - Invicta Durasteel UAE Sales ManagerAnand Raghavan - Invicta Durasteel UAE Sales Manager
Anand Raghavan joined The Invicta Group in 2008 and is the Sales Manager for Invicta Durasteel UAE. A Mechanical Engineer with MBA, he has many years of experience in the construction and industrial sector in the region.

Visit the Our Team page of our group website for more information on the management team at The Invicta Group.