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What Is Durasteel?


Durasteel is a unique, non-combustible, high performance fire protection composite panel that provides 4 hour fire protection, in addition to being blast, seismic, vibration and moisture resistant. It requires no foundations when installed and is maintenance free with a 40 year design life. Durasteel has been tested to extremes and has many international testing standards, including Bodycote Warrington, UL, British Standard 476, Lloyds Register, DNV and Dubai Civil Defence.

The construction process and materials used are the key to the strength that Durasteel provides. Each panel is comprised of a 'core' of fibre reinforced cement (96% Portland cement, 4% fibre bonding agent) mechanically bonded to starburst-punched steel sheets (galvanised or stainless) on both outer surfaces. It is classed as non-combustible to BS476 (Part 4, 1970) and EN13501-1:2002 (Clause 10).

Depending on requirements, Durasteel can be installed to either provide protection from fire alone (integrity only) or protection from both fire and the heat produced by it (integrity and installation) for 4 hours. Durasteel panels can be installed in a variety of systems in order to fully protect the area from a fire breakout or explosion, including separation barriers and partitions, blast barriers, enclosures, ceilings and plenums, ventilation ducks and shafts, cable ducks, tunnels and storage vaults.

Durasteel Features

Fire Barrier
  • 4 hour fire protection
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Withstand extreme air pressures
  • Proven vibration resistance
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Impact/blast resistance
  • Walk on strength to 3.2 kN UDL
  • Will give a 40 year design life
  • Zero flame spread and non-toxic combustion by products
  • Space saving
  • No foundations required
  • Fast to install

Durasteel In The UAE

Durasteel systems are installed around the world across many diverse industries, including airports, power stations, petrochemical plants, road and rail tunnels, warehouses, storage and distribution facilities and train stations, to provide the elite protection against fires and explosions.

Within the UAE, Durasteel fire protection systems are already installed in the following locations and facilities:

  • DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority)
  • ADWEA: Taweelah-B Power & Desalination Plant, Abu Dhabi
  • Al Awir Power Plant, Dubai
  • ZADCO: Zirku Island Abu Dhabi
  • Offshore Platforms Abu Dhabi
  • GASCO:Habshan Refinery
  • Emirates Towers, Dubai
  • DUBAL: Dubai Aluminium
  • Dubai Metro
  • Ameeri Flight Facilities/Abu Dhabi Airport