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Durasteel Power Station Transformer Barrier Case Study

Location: Dubai, UAE

A Durasteel transformer barrier was installed into one of the largest power stations in the Middle East. The significance of this particular barrier was that it was required to be multipurpose in its design and function. It was firstly designed to be both blast and 4 hours fire resistant to stop multiple explosions from a potential sequential reaction should any transformer fail, and secondly to protect personnel from nearby buildings.

The main reasons of choosing the Durasteel transformer barrier in this case were:

  • The light weight structure and the slim construction feature allowed for a very quick build time with minimum disruption and downtime
  • The G275 grade galvanized finish was ideally suited for this challenging environment with potential for high atmospheric pollution
  • With the benefit of this modular construction, the Durasteel barrier allows for future disassemble and reassembly for maintenance purposes

The Power Station Chief Engineer said, "The only alternative to the Durasteel Transformer Barrier that would offer both blast and 4 hour fire resistance was a pre-cast concrete structure and with our tight time constraints and future maintenance programme, it was not suitable for us. This Durasteel barrier was completed from start to finish within 5 working days and with no mess or heavy plant disrupting the site."

Durasteel Transformer Barrier